Historic collection of buildings lies 30 vertical feet below the adjacent Nisqually River. Endangered facilities include the park’s Emergency Operations Center and helipad.
Large campground in the mountain’s northeast corner is at risk from moderate to large debris flows from the Emmons Glacier.
White River Campground
Wonderland Trail
Sections of this popular 93-mile trail encircling Mount rainier are threatened by aggradation in the Carbon River valley.
Aggradation has raised the bed of the White River 14 feet above the highway, putting it at risk of flooding for several miles.
Mather Memorial Highway (State Route 410)
Lower Nisqually Road
Sections of this heavily traveled road from the Nisqually entrance to Longmire are at risk from floods and debris flows, particularly at the Tahoma Creek Bridge and westside Road junction.
Sunshine Point Campground
The only year-round campground on the Nisqually River was washed away in the November 2006 flood.
Closed to vehicles after constant washouts and rockfalls. Cut vehicle access to the park’s heaviest concentration of hiking trailheads.
Westside Road
Popular access route in the Park’s northwest corner is permanently closed to vehicles.
Carbon River Road
Historic log cabin built in the 1920s to house backcountry rangers was undercut by the Carbon River and moved to a higher location.
Ipsut Creek Cabin
Paradise Ice Caves
Long passages formed by water flowing under the Paradise Glacier were for decades among the parks most popular attractions. The last traces of the ice caves disappeared in the early 1990s.