"I've always loved Mike for Mike. And I said I'll be damned, I'm going to show that I'm a true friend. I'll never call him when he gets successful. Because I know guys who call him for tickets and crap. I said I'll never do that. Mike is always asking, `Come on back to Green Bay, come on and do this,' and I just feel so funny about it because I love him for friendship. He's my best friend in my mind. Truly, that's how I feel. I would love my son to meet him, but I just feel weird."

Barry Cooper

"I hate to say he has it in perspective. That's like a media term these days. But he's grounded. He is who he appears to be. Amazing.

"We have sports memorabilia here in the restaurant. Mike and Kathy were here for lunch one day in the off-season a while back and Kathy said, `Geez, Billy, I've got some new pictures of Michael on the field in Green Bay, would you like me to send you some?' And I said sure. And he looks to her and honestly says, `What would Billy do with them?' She looks at me, rolls the eyes, of course, and says, `Maybe put them up.' He looks at me and says, `Would ya?' That's him. It's incredible. He's not naive - he's been around - but it's amazing.

Billy Jamison, lifelong friend

"I remember we had this one guy on our team, he's dead now. And I remember Holmgren came up to me and he asked me if I knew that this guy was getting involved in dope or something. And I remember me and him talking about it, and he was telling me that's not the right way to go. And no coach ever really talked to me like that before. And he just talked to me about it, that that's not the way to do things, that people do that nowadays and it may be glamorous for a while, but in the end it just brings you down. I don't know if he would even remember it, but I always did."

Mike Hallinan, former linebacker at Sacred Heart High School